Kickstarter 2015

Our journey on Kickstarter was terrifying, exciting and amazing.  We began a passion to share a tradition we loved so much in our own homes, with other families. We were overwhelmed by all the support we received from family, friends, neighbors, as well as complete strangers. It is all of you who believed in our vision, that made it a reality!    


Our Kickstarter Campaign:

The Giving Manger –– a fun & interactive Christmas tradition


You can check out the full campaign on Kickstarter


It is a fun + interactive Christmas tradition that will help families focus on giving and the true meaning of Christmas. This complete box set includes: 

A BOOK – A heartwarming story to explain the tradition and get your kids excited to start.

WOODEN MANGER – To be placed in a very visible spot in your home, waiting to be filled.

BUNDLE OF STRAW – A piece of straw will be placed in the manger after each act of service.

A BABY JESUS – To be placed in the manger full of service and love on Christmas Day.  

The Giving Manger box set includes everything you'll need to bring the spirit of service into your home. As your Christmas season unfolds your hearts and home will be filled with more joy and love than ever before. This tradition will become a family favorite year after year + it will create some of your most cherished Christmas memories.


Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, filled with fun + festive traditions. But we often feel like the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving can get lost in the excitement. We put pen to paper, wood to the saw, and clay in our hands to create a book, manger + baby Jesus –– a complete tradition to help families focus on Christ and giving.  

Our goal was to create beautiful, timeless pieces that are built to last and will be used by your family year after year. Countless hours were spent writing the book, carving a baby out of clay and hand-crafting the wooden manger.

The beautiful hand-cut illustrations were created by artist Emily King,, and fit perfectly with our vision for the design of the product. A print of the nativity scene from our book, shown below, is included in our $300 reward package.  


This campaign is our only chance to bring this tradition to your home and to other families this Christmas season. Kickstarter is a unique way to share our product and allow our backers to be the first to receive The Giving Manger! All funds raised will go directly towards manufacturing the book, baby + manger. We have a manufacturer ready and waiting for our order! 

On Kickstarter, we set a funding goal and deadline. Our goal is $15,000 in 30 days. After investing $15,000 of our own money, we need $15,000 more to bring our product to life. We only receive the funds raised if our campaign meets or exceeds our $15,000 goal in 30 days. Backers are only charged for their pledge if we meet our goal. It’s all or nothing! We can’t do it without you!

In addition to backing us, WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU SHARING this campaign! We need help spreading the word. Please share this campaign or video on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page. Email your friends + family. Anything that you can do to share the message + spread awareness would be amazing!

We believe in this product and the way it can help shift the focus of Christmas to serving. To us, this is more than a business. It’s a way to spread kindness + promote service. Thank you for joining in and helping us reach our goals. Your support means the world to us!

Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge right now is timing. We understand that this is a seasonal product that our backers want in their hands for this Christmas season. This is why we are launching our campaign now! We have chosen a broker who we know and trust to help us through the challenges of production overseas. We have worked out our timeline again and again and want to ensure that even with the possibility of production or shipping delays we will have the product in your hands by December 2015.

Funding period

- (30 days)

Kickstarter Updates: 

Update 1: Halfway in one day!

We are absolutely overwhelmed by your support for The Giving Manger!  We believe in this project and have poured our hearts into it!  We are so inspired to see that so many people are as excited about it as we are!  We are beyond grateful to each and every one of you!!!

Help us keep the momentum going by sharing our campaign with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors!

What's next... 

We are so excited to have already reached halfway and are hoping to exceed our goal! Every additional dollar that we earn through this campaign allows us to purchase more inventory and deliver as many Giving Mangers as we can in time for this Christmas season!  

We can't do this without you and truly appreciate each and every customer!  It's super easy to share!  You can click on the links right below our video!  

You can also share the direct link to our Kickstarter campaign:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Allison, Lisa, and Mary


Update #2: We Reached our Goal!

All thanks to YOU we met our goal in 72 HOURS! We are beyond thrilled and are blown away by your support and generosity.

We are so grateful to everyone who is getting behind our idea, sharing, posting and pledging. Help us keep the ball rolling and reach as many families as possible during our KICKSTARTER campaign. We only have time to place one order this year, and we’d love to place a larger order than we originally planned for, so please help spread the word that NOW is the time to get your GIVING MANGER. It will deliver in November, just in time to be used for the whole Christmas season.

Lots of Love, 

Allison, Mary, and Lisa


Update #3: Help us Stir Up More Support

We reached $20,000 and we are THRILLED! You've pledged, liked, shared, followed and been there with us from the start and shown us that this tradition is worth sharing! We'd love nothing more than to be able to double our order and to do that we need to reach $30,000! We received such an awesome response from all of you and we are hopeful that many more families will want The Giving Manger in their homes this year. We plan to do a large marketing push in the late fall when families are thinking about Christmas, BUT it will be too late for us to order additional product at that point. We have to place our order as soon as our Kickstarter campaign is over, so we have 12 days to raise $10,000 more. With YOUR HELP we know we can do it! Please SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN on social media and tell your friends you've bought this tradition to share with your family this year. Another great way to share is to follow us on PINTEREST and pin one of our product images!! We will get our first proof of the book tomorrow and we can't wait to see it!! We'll make sure to post an update with some pictures.

Update #4: Hours Left!

We are so close to $30,000 and being able to double our order with our manufacturer!!!! We are at $27,000 with 42 hours left. Please take a minute today to share our campaign one last time so your friends and family can get their Giving Manger set for this Christmas!

You guys are the best!!

Allison, Lisa & Mary


Update #5: Doubled Our Goal!

$30,000 in 30 days.  We can't believe it!!  We can double our order!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We can't say it enough.  

Now it's time for production.  We are working to get all the final details in place to get the book, baby, manger, and straw ordered.  As you can imagine, coordinating a product with 4 different components is no small task.  But we have always felt that each component of the product is crucial to the success of this tradition.  We can't wait for you all to have The Giving Manger in your homes!!

We will be sending out a survey (via Kickstarter) next week to get all of your shipping information so we can get your reward shipped to you as soon as we receive them.  We are hoping for early November! 

Thanks for everything guys!

Mary, Lisa, and Allison


Update #6: It's All in the Details!

Hey guys!

We wanted to send you a quick update to let you know how things are going over here at The Giving Manger!

We have been busy working through all of the details of manufacturing. We have so many components to our product and each detail takes time to sort through. Our biggest hurdle has been packaging. We’ve been trying to create packaging that not only protects each component in transit but also provides a place where all of you can safely store your Giving Manger Set year after year. There have been quite a few samples, and lots of tweaks, but we finally got all of the details (box, sticker, sleeve, blister pack) nailed down!!! Hooray!

We wouldn’t have been able to survive this production process without the help of Lisa and Allison’s cousins at Drive Marketing. They have patiently guided this bunch of rookies along and made sure no ball is dropped. They are our lifeline.

Everything is scheduled to arrive on Nov. 16th and we will turn around and ship it to you the next day!! We are so anxious to get The Giving Manger to you all! You were with us from the beginning, and because of you, we can share this tradition, and the spirit of service & giving, with others!

Make sure you fill out the Kickstarter Survey we sent you a few weeks ago. We need the address you want your reward sent to!!

XOXO, Mary, Lisa and Allison


Update #7: Manufacturing is Complete!

Hi guys! The manufacturing is complete and everything is on its way to us! We just got some final samples and we are so thrilled with how each component turned out!  Our shipment is scheduled to arrive on Nov 15th and we will turn and around and ship them to you right away.  We can't wait to get them to you all!

Thank you again for your support and for being with us from the start.  None of this would have been possible without you!

Mary, Allison and Lisa