Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!
Giving Manger Christmas Tradition

A family Christmas tradition focused on giving and the true meaning of Christmas.

The Giving Manger helps families shift the focus of Christmas back to giving. A piece of straw is placed in the manger for each kind deed or act of service performed.  On Christmas Day, the Baby is placed in the manger filled with service and love. As your family works together to give gifts of service you will find your hearts and home filled with more joy during the holiday season than ever before.

Each Box Set Includes:

The Giving Manger Picture Book: a heartwarming story with beautiful cut-paper illustrations that presents the tradition and will get kids excited about participating.

Wooden Manger: to be placed in a visible spot in the home, waiting to be filled 

Bundle of Straw: pieces of straw to be placed in the manger after each act of service

Baby Jesus: to be placed in the manger on Christmas day

Each item in the box is built to last so your family can keep the tradition going year after year.

Kindness Cards game for to inspire kids with ideas to spread kindness through acts of service and giving to others.  Loved by teachers moms parents youth ministry preschoolers grade school age teens in the community home church group and in the classroom

Start Spreading Kindness

To keep the kindness going all year long, we created a deck of fifty-five cards full of simple and easy ideas to make spreading kindness fun!  Kids can simply grab a card with a kind deed idea and go make someone's day!

Let's Spread Some Kindness

Looking for inspiration on how to make your Christmas season more meaningful for your family? Join our community of families who love giving back by following us on social media to see how others are spreading kindness this year! Make sure to download our free printable lists of kind deeds that are great for all ages!

Kind words from others...

The Giving Manger is a new family Christmas tradition that helps kids focus on what they can give through acts of kindness.  Fill up your manger with pieces of straw for every kind deed and make a soft bed for baby Jesus when he arrives on Christmas day.