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The Giving Manger box set includes everything you'll need to bring the spirit of service into your home. As your Christmas season unfolds your hearts and home will be filled with more joy and love than ever before. This tradition will become a family favorite year after year + it will create some of your most cherished Christmas memories.

We believe in this product and the way it can help shift the focus of Christmas to serving. To us this is more than a business. It’s a way to spread kindness + promote service.  Your support means the world to us!

Press coverage
"As a mother, the Christmas season is such a special time for me. I love seeing the excitement & anticipation on my little boys' faces. This year we are are starting a new tradition called @thegivingmanger. 🎄 I'm so excited to help my family turn the focus from getting to GIVING the whole month of December. My little 3-year-old won't stop talking about doing nice things for the family & "baby Jesus." I think this is going to be a very special Christmas... 💝 "
Reading The Giving Manger with family
hellofab - Jenna Wood
"BABY JESUS!!! Friends, if you are looking for a new tradition for your family you HAVE to check out @thegivingmanger Starting the first day of December you place a piece of straw in the manger for each act of service or love towards another! Thank you @thegivingmanger for this beautiful gift!"
Baby Jesus - The Giving Manger
jennsprinkle - Jenn Sprinkle
"Little hands doing kind deeds in preparation of His coming. || We began our @thegivingmanger today, and this sweet one was eager to start filling up the manger. ✨"
Little Hands and The Giving Manger
Grace Note Candle Co.
"Yall when I found the @thegivingmanger a few months ago I was smitten!!!!! The owners are amazing parents with beautiful christian hearts! I purchased two #givingmangers so that our family's first act of kindness was to gift the second set to a family from our church! And Yall we are sooooooooo excited this is the perfect addition to our RACK family tradition! So run don't walk to their website and get one for your family now!!!!! "
Random Acts of Christmas Kindness
Chubby Cheek Photography
"Looking for another way to keep the focus on Christ this Christmas? How about starting the sweet tradition of a Giving Manger? For each act of service a family member performs, he or she adds a piece of straw to baby Jesus’s manger. I remember doing this growing up and we loved laying him in a soft bed on Christmas Eve! "
A Sweet New Christmas Tradition: The Giving Manger
Brooke Romney Writes - November 13, 2015
"This my friends, is a book that truly will touch all your hearts and bring the true spirit of the Savior (Why we even celebrate Christmas!) into your holiday season... you will want to share this with your kids and or grandkids, nephews, nieces, neighbors and anyone you love."
The Giving Manger… A Must for Christmas!
Jenny Evans Gatherings - August 18, 2015
The Giving Manger – A Christmas Tradition
My Home Can Be a Holy Place - November 21, 2015
"My hope is that this will be a sweet family tradition that will help us focus on the true meaning of Christmas and one that we can all look forward to year after year. After reading the book and setting the wooden manger on a table, we decided our first act of service would be to make and deliver sugar cookies to a friend. Hayes was my big helper and is already coming up with more ideas for ways we can serve and fill the manger for baby Jesus."
The Andelins - November 29, 2015
"I think this is one of the greatest new Christmas products to hit the shelves this year. "
Pink Peppermint Design - November 25, 2015
" it's a tradition that helps families focus on giving and serving rather than what you get at christmas."
The Giving Manger - OneNewsPage
One News Page (ABC Utah News) - November 16, 2015
" The whole elf on a shelf thing is really cute, but this tradition is so much more meaningful."
A Season of Giving 2015: Kickoff
11 Magnolia Lane - November 28, 2015
"It's a simple way to encourage your kids to do nice things for others every day until Christmas."
Teaching kids to do service with The Giving Manger
Fox 13 Now - November 13, 2015
" The book is beautiful and it is teaching us both what the real meaning of Christmas is about. It is teaching us the gift of giving and serving others as unto The Lord. And what joy giving and serving brings. "
Putting Straws into the Manger
justcallme_tay - December 17, 2015
" I can't help but notice how nicely that little manger is filling up with hay and how happy I am to have been gifted such a beautiful new tradition"
Dishes and New Traditions
chalk.white.arrow - December 17, 2015
"I want to be like Mary, embracing my smallness so I can see His greatness, taking God at His Word, and believing Him to do greater things than my heart could ever comprehend."
Luke 1 Inspiration
lifelivedbeautifully - Gretchen Saffles
"The Giving Manger is the perfect way to focus on giving and serving during the holidays."
Favorite New Tradition
"This is a tradition my own mother started when I was young so it holds a lot of nostalgia for me and I was so happy to FIND THE SET."
Inside our Advent Gift Box
In Honor of Design
"It's been a heartwarming experience to watch my children spread the reason for the season and to see their acts of giving bless others. "
Giving with the Giving Manger
An Inspired Nest
" It helps kids to focus on acts of service instead of only receiving gifts"
Focusing on Service
iheartnaptime - Jamielyn Nye
"I love watching her softly kiss baby Jesus as she ever so sweetly tucks him into his manger. Thank you @thegivingmanger for the new family tradition that I will cherish forever. "
Tucking Baby Jesus In
mrswolfgramm - Paige Ileen Wolfgramm
"This gift set from @thegivingmanger is just perfection. A story about Jesus, the importance of showing kindness, and a reminder of what the Christmas season is truly about."
Traditions for a growing family
withfaithloveandcoffee - Kellie Ann
"The beautifully crafted Giving Manger helps kids focus their hearts on others and empowers them to find ways of showing love through acts of service. We can't wait to get started with this tradition in our home. "
Inspiring our little people
farmhouseforfour - Lauren
"Excited for my kiddos to fill up the manger of straw for baby Jesus ♡"
Filling the Manger
lollyjaneblog - Kelli & Kristi
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