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A little bit about us

Best gift for family Christmas   

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, filled with fun + festive traditions. But we often feel like the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving can get lost in the excitement. We put pen to paper, wood to the saw, and clay in our hands to create a book, manager + baby Jesus –– a complete tradition to help families focus on Christ and giving.

Our goal was to create beautiful, timeless pieces that are built to last and will be used by your family year after year. Countless hours were spent writing the book, carving a baby out of clay and hand-crafting the wooden manger.

We believe in this product and the way it can help shift the focus of Christmas to serving. To us, this is more than a business. It’s a way to spread kindness + promote service. Your support means the world to us!

Allison Hottinger 
Ladera Ranch, CA
(949) 354-2223


Lisa Kalberer
Austin, TX