Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

Kindness Cards Wholesale Orders

Card Game to teach kids kindness and good deeds

We can't believe the amazing reaction that we received to our Kindness Cards. We sold out of our inventory in just a few short weeks!  Good news, they are back in stock and ready to ship to your store!

The set of fifty-five cards has simple and easy ideas to inspire families to spread kindness. 

Open the box and pick a card full of meaningful ideas... such as, "See how many times you can hold the door for someone", "Hug someone like you mean it" or "Thank as many people as you can today".  

Because giving doesn't have to be hard... simply grab a card for inspiration and go spread kindness!


Sold in Cases of 12

MSRP $11.99



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Georgetown, KY

"I have ordered these Kindness Cards twice already and keep them on the counter by the register! People notice them and quickly add them to their purchase! Who doesn't want to spread a little kindness?!"


Redlands, CA 

"Families are excited to be doing something together! I have a open display on our register and gets lots of interest!"