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What is the Giving Manger?

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What is the Giving Manger?
It is a fun + interactive Christmas tradition that will help families focus on giving and the true meaning of Christmas. This complete box set includes:
A BOOK – A heart warming story to explain the tradition and get your kids excited to start.
WOODEN MANGER – To be placed in a very visible spot in your home, waiting to be filled.
BUNDLE OF STRAW – A piece of straw will be placed in the manger after each act of service.
A BABY JESUS – To be placed in the manger full of service and love on Christmas Day.
The Giving Manger box set includes everything you'll need to bring the spirit of service into your home. As your Christmas season unfolds your hearts and home will be filled with more joy and love than ever before. This tradition will become a family favorite year after year + it will create some of your most cherished Christmas memories.