Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

Freely Give

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Freely Give
I have been blessed to receive many indulgent gifts over the years, but a gift that is forever etched in my memory is something that, to most, appears to be nothing more than a simple blanket.  Almost three weeks following a horrific car wreck, while still in ICU, I was returned my partially burnt clothes that were cut off after my car went up in flames.  I was given a red plaid blanket that I was told protected me while I lay unconscious on the side of the road, as I was prepared to be air lifted to the nearest hospital.
After multiple searches, I was never able to locate the generous stranger who gave their best gift, who did so without hesitation, and didn’t expect anything in return.  I was helpless and someone chose to help me.
The choice of giving unconditionally is something that we have taught our children.  We all must freely give, just as the salvation of Jesus was freely given to us.  The easiest way to share the gospel is by genuinely giving of your time, attention, effort, prayers, love and sometimes money, to remind others of their worth in Him.
For our family, The Giving Manger isn’t just a Christmas tradition, it instantly became a year round challenge to humbly serve others while expecting nothing in return, every chance we get!  It all boils down to this, “Our kids don’t need a super mom, they need a mom to point them to a super God.”- @warmwinterwishes