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I Care What Your Heart Looks Like

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I Care What Your Heart Looks Like

“Last week Sydney told me there was a new girl in class (she didn’t know her name of course) she said she was crying at lunch so she sat with her, she said her friend died and that’s why she was sad. I told Sydney to keep being a good friend, that it’s hard to be the new kid.

Yesterday her teacher told the new girl to pick someone to get something out of the treasure box for being a good friend to her, the little girl picked Sydney. Tonight I had Sydney’s first parent teacher conference, her teacher opened up to me that this “new girl” had recently lost her mama, and that the little girl shared that with the class today, and that it’s not been an easy couple of weeks. We went to the book fair after that, and Sydney picked out a unicorn journal for her new friend❤️

My heart is hurting for this baby girl, and I’m so proud of my Sydney. I don’t care what your grades look like sis, I care what your heart looks like, keep up the good work sweet girl, keep on loving people❤️🙌🏻”— Paige Werner 📸 @pmwerner512