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It's The Sweetest Celebration of Our Lives

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It's The Sweetest Celebration of Our Lives

“here recently I haven’t had time to write blogs so I’ve been dumping my thoughts / convictions here, hope y’all don’t mind...⁣

so I had a crazy obsession with Santa clause #shocker Jordan loves the holidays. All of them. My entire home was so decked out you’d think you had come straight to the North Pole... in fact when Kevin moved in with us he asked “mom do you and dad really believe in Santa Clause?!” — ummm what gave it away? But remember that whole prospective thing I keep talking about. Becoming a mom really makes you think about a lot... even Santa Clause.⁣

before I go on, please hear my heart. If you are Santa celebrating fool #same but for me things have shifted because of a personal conviction. I do not judge and fully support the love of Santa. But I was having a fantastic breakfast with my friend crystal and we got to talking and she asked me what about Santa do you love? Because! JOY, my goodness he makes me so happy and he makes everyone happy and I love that for one month he brings the whole world together and as I was talking the words I was saying began to make me sad because why the one month of the year we can celebrate the greatest gift ever given am I making the biggest deal about Santa Clause #whoof heavy. For me it was.This has been the year of growth for me. In so many ways. Physically and spiritually. And I don’t mean to be “that girl” pulling the Jesus card but y’all, I want Judah to run into the living room on Christmas morning excited Jesus was born, and that God sent his only son. Wow. I’m not sure I have actually ever fully celebrated that. I’ve always been aware, sang the songs and gave thanks. But idk that I’ve ever woke up that morning with J O Y because someone loved me enough to send his son. Faithfulness. From the moment of the garden he knew. He made a promise to come and rescue us! To get rid of our ugliness and the darkness we so easily allow to entangle us.⁣

So as you get excited about putting up your tree, and your favorite Starbucks holiday flavor, prepare you heart for the coming of our King. Goodness, it’s the sweetest celebration of our lives. #tistheseason- @mathermoments