Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

#mangermoments with @twentyventi

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#mangermoments with @twentyventi
"I'm not sure why, but I'm not much of a holidays person. I suppose because it can all seem... a bit much. Do you know what I mean? The decorations, the coordinated outfits, the cards, the clever crafts, the thematic food and beverages. It used to send me in a panic to think I had to keep up with it all. As I've found with so many things in my life this past year, simple is best (for me).
Two new, simple and truly meaningful Christmas traditions we've started this year are celebrating advent, and using @thegivingmanger. Two beautiful rituals with Christ at their center. Tonight we lit our first candle for advent, and began to fill our manger with pieces of straw, each representing good deeds leading up to Christmas. ⭐️🕯"