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Stories That Move Us to Give

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Stories That Move Us to Give

STORIES THAT MOVE US TO GIVE: #Repost @jennaskitchen

I met a mom tonight at the Ronald McDonald House, her 6 year old has cancer. She has lived in the house for months losing her job, home, everything as a single mom to support her son through this illness. Tonight she told me Julian (her son) had wanted to go to Disney World for his make a wish but now is saying he wants his make a wish to give them a house to live in when he is better. Tears filled her eyes and mine when she said “but I tell him baby I’ll get us a house, pick Disney World.” And I was gutted. This is the reality for so many thrown in to the snares of childhood cancer or any illness or challenge.

And I am jolted out of my breezy reality that THESE are the choices some are forced to make. What has made our family so lucky? It’s so unfair. The world just goes on moving when a child is sick. It kills me. And so I am attempting to lean in to this heart broken gratitude I feel right this minute and hold my children so close.

My heart reaches out to the mamas of the world who want their child to pick the good things while they worry about the messy, adult things. This is the lesson I want my children to always remember: hold on to each other and the people around you.

Everyone has a story we can learn from that forces us to look inward and find gratitude to fill the very corners of our heart we needed touched because one thing I know for sure is that there is always SO much to be grateful for. Edit: you people. You bright shiny beautiful people. I love you. You’re so amazing. Venmo is Jenna-Rammell.