Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

Teen Service Ideas

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Teen Service Ideas
Who wouldn't love to have their teenage neighbor show up and offer to wrap all of their Christmas gifts? Dream right?
Here are a few of our other favorite service ideas for teens:
Shoveling a neighbors driveway
Serving a meal at a soup kitchen
Free babysitting 
Spending time with a sibling 
Helping with homework 
Doing the dishes without being asked
Folding laundry
Hanging Christmas lights for an elderly person
Writing a thank you note 
Cleaning up trash at the beach
Visiting a senior living center and spend time getting to know someone
Baking and delivering a treat to a widow
Paying someone a sincere compliment
Cooking dinner for another family
Smiling at a stranger
Help us add to this list! Comment with your ideas!