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The Story Didn't End There

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The Story Didn't End There

“My oldest son, Noah, was born 8 weeks premature. We had a lot of extra guidelines and struggles for his first year of life, so when we left his final appointment stemming from his 5-week NICU stay on a Friday + celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, we felt like we were finally going to be able to start moving forward again as a family.

Only the story didn’t end there. After a celebratory weekend, my husband (along with 13 others) was let go at his job due to financial hardship. Not gonna lie. I wasn’t excited about heading into another trial. I knew God had been faithful to us before, and I had no reason to doubt Him now. But I was also weary. Out of the blue, an Internet acquaintance reached out to me, told me she was sorry for what my family was going through, and said she couldn’t do much, but wanted to be part of how God kept me encouraged during this season, so she sent me a gift certificate to the clothing boutique where she worked. She couldn’t fix my problem, but she did what she could.

I’ll never forget your kindness, @natgreve. Seven years later, it’s still fresh on my spirit + challenges me to do what I can for someone even if I can’t do it all.”- @michellelmyers#kindness #kindnessmatters#makekindnessloud