Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

Toddler Service Ideas

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Toddler Service Ideas

Some of our favorite service ideas for those tiny little toddlers in our lives! The joy they show while they help others is contagious ❤️
Dust Grandma's front room
Deliver candy canes to a senior center
Color a picture for the mail man
Fill a box with candy and mail it to the soldiers
Wash the dishes
Gather change around the house and take it to the Salvation Army bell ringers
Give socks to the homeless
Pick out a toy at the store to give to someone in need
Go caroling
Invite a new friend over to play
Share your toys
Give someone a hug when they are sad
Make cookies and delivery to an elderly neighbor 
Buy diapers and wipes and deliver to a homeless center
Have a hot cocoa stand to raise money for your favorite charity
"Read" a book to your baby brother

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