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True Joy

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True Joy

“I was putting my little guy to bed last night (ok he’s eight, but I’m holding onto the word little as long as I can) and was reflecting on what I hope his life will be. At first I thought “happy”, but that immediately felt wrong. What I really want is for him to “find joy”. Because life is going to get rough. He’ll get hurt, all those hard things will make him feel like he got shoved down, kicked in gut, (sometimes 100 times it one day), slapped in face, his heart torn out.

For me it’s in those moments I’m brought to my knees. And look up... and the answer to my pleading for help is always the same. “Go lift someone else”. But in those desperate moments I always think, “but wait I am the one who needs the lifting”. But I start by shifting my prayer. I stop asking for what I need and think of those around me and ask for what they need. WITHOUT fail. The moment of thinking of others before myself brings joy back into my heart. And the more I try to lift others in the simplest ways, my burdens seem lighter. I can take that step forward I didn’t think I’d be able to take.

For me true joy comes from loving others and helping them along this tumultuous path we call life.”-Allison, Co-Founder of The Giving Manger