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We Create Magic with Our Kind Actions

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We Create Magic with Our Kind Actions

“He's 12 years old. Probably barely remembers what he ate yesterday. But boy does this kid remember what we do during Christmas. We don’t need Santa or Elves to create magic in our home, instead we create magic with our kind actions. Slowing down and paying attention to all the little things we do for each other and going the extra mile, inside and outside our home, creates just that. Magic. When he's all grown up, I'm betting he won't remember most of the gifts that were under the tree, but I'm pretty confident he'll remember the lives he touched, people he met, conversations he had with those he gave to intentionally during Christmas. My hope and prayer? That he'll grow up to pass on this tradition to his own children and get to watch them give to others just like I get to watch him give now. The feeling I get every year when he puts a piece of straw in the manger... well, are there even words to describe it?

If you've seen it, you just know. If you haven't, what are you waiting for?”

-Lisa, Co-Founder of The Giving Manger