Join us in spreading kindness this season! Join us in spreading kindness this season!

We've reached $20,000!!

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We've reached $20,000!!
We reached $20,000 and we are THRILLED! You've pledged, liked, shared, followed and been there with us from the start and shown us that this tradition is worth sharing! We'd love nothing more than to be able to double our order and to do that we need to reach $30,000! 
We received such an awesome response from all of you and we are hopeful that many more families will want The Giving Manger in their homes this year. We plan to do a large marketing push in the late fall when families are thinking about Christmas, BUT it will be too late for us to order additional product at that point. We have to place our order as soon as our Kickstarter campaign is over, so we have 12 days to raise $10,000 more. With YOUR HELP we know we can do it! 
Please SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN on social media and tell your friends you've bought this tradition to share with your family this year. Another great way to share is to follow us on PINTEREST and pin one of our product images!! We will get our first proof of the book tomorrow and we can't wait to see it!! We'll make sure to post an update with some pictures.