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Where is my Heart?

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Where is my Heart?
“Deep down we all treasure something. Motherhood has shown me that I’ll do just about anything to get whatever it is I treasure, like medium fries and a diet Coke from Click-fil-a, or a hug from these squishy babies. I treasure these little things, sometimes to an unhealthy degree. I admit, I can become so obsessed with the things of this life and these little people, that I find myself no longer yearning for the next. 
But Jesus reveals, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This begs the question, “Where is my heart?” If I’m honest, I often resort to stocking up on things that make me feel accepted and secure, instead of giving freely as Christ has abundantly given to me. My favorite mom jeans, parenting hacks, or racking up followers on social media can make me feel a level of clout and motherhood invincibility, like I earned it or something. Before I know it, I’ve found my significance and identity there. But when I notice I’m hoarding all the things, it sends a red flag waving that they may have actually taken God’s place in my heart. Cute clothes, parenting methods, and social media can’t mend brokenness, save our kids, or protect us from death and tragedy. So, why do we spend ourselves chasing after those things as though they will? 
Jesus is the only one who offers true security and lasting satisfaction. He bought us for a price asks for all of us in return. We give and we love because he first loved us. For us moms, I think this could look like waking in the unseen morning hours to tend to a sick kiddo, or offering our last ounce of energy to play make believe. From such a place of humility and dependence we might be able to say as the Lord Jesus himself did, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And our broken offering is nothing in comparison to our gain, because “no eye has seen, nor heard, nor the heart of man imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” God, give us grace to maintain a gospel-centered approach to motherhood, that we may see, know and treasure Christ above all. And out of the abundance of what we’ve received in Christ, may we give radically, freely, and fully for your glory.” - @hunterbeless