Manger Moments

What is a Manger Moment?  
The Giving Manger tradition inspires your family to focus on giving gifts of service.  These small acts of kindness can spark lots of fun, heart felt conversations, and so many wonderful moments that you will treasure as a family.  We rarely remember the gifts we received in the past, but we we seldom forget when someone does something unexpectedly kind for us!   We hope you adore and share some of these moments with us!  
You can tag us @thegivingmanger with any of the photo's you post and use the hash tag #mangermoments! You can also send us your manger moments at


We want to thank all of our amazing friends, family and supporters out there!  We are truly overwhelmed by the response The Giving Manger has received.  We hope that this tradition brings as much joy to your home as it has to ours!  

Thank you again for being with us from the start.  None of this would have been possible without you!

All the best,

The Manger Moms

Allison Hottinger, Lisa Kalberer, Mary Snow