SOLD OUT - Preorder for 2018 - Paulownia Wood Charger for Display

$ 9.95

We apologize as we have sold out for the 2017 holiday season.  If you would like to be the first to get it next year you can preorder now for 2018.  We will begin shipping late summer.  

Nothing makes us happier than knowing how many Giving Mangers will be filled with service and love every year!


Allison and Lisa


We love coming up with creative ways to make our Giving Manger the centerpiece of our home!  This rustic Paulownia wood charger is the perfect way to display your manger and make it a statement piece.  Adding some fresh pine or Eucalyptus is the perfect touch!

  • Each item is unique in it size and shape and will vary from 6 3/4" - 8"
  • Made from treated Paulownia Wood